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First Meeting

There is not much to say

except, of course, for this:

You can now listen to ‘First Meeting’, my piece of poetry based on the theme samhainn on @OPENMIC_PODCAST. I’m trying to get more comfortable reading my work aloud, and this piece was a lot of fun to record!

Links to listen to the podcast episode are below:

open mic podcast


iTunes (select Episode 3)



by the lakeside

we were walking close to the lake edge

too close you’d say, but I always did like to wander

My first piece of prose poetry can now be read in Issue 7 of Cauldron Anthology. In accordance with the issue’s theme, I was partly inspired by the myth of Leda and the Swan for this piece, but I also couldn’t resist adding elements of Swan Lake. Happy reading!

Midnight Whispers

midnight whispers

midnight whispers excerpt

“Something in her chest burns whenever she catches her eye…”

Happy Boxing Day! I have a new piece of flash fiction out in Issue 7: Will-o’-the-wisp of Bombus Press- you can read it here. These two characters keep coming back to me, so this might not be the last you see of them… you might be reading about them in a different format some time!

In other writing news, I’m absolutely thrilled to say I’ve been chosen to be mentee as part of Wigtown Book Festival Company’s Mentoring Awards. My mentor is the novelist and short story writer Kirsty Logan & you can read more about the programme here. I’m so grateful for this opportunity, and I can’t wait to throw myself into more writing in 2019.

Wishing you a fun, happy and peaceful festive season! x

80s Jukebox Love Medley

Get a taste in my mouth

Call me a sin

Love’s strange,

so real in the dark.

I have my first piece of found poetry out! Read the full thing here in Issue 3: The Music Issue of Pinkwashed. As I say in the zine, ’80s Jukebox Love Medley was written by mixing together different snippets of lyrics from iconic 80’s songs- see if you can get them all! And enjoy the full issue- it’s full of great LGBTQ art all to do with music!

Pinkwashed Zine cover

Carving (Kissing)

Your forearms are smeared with pumpkin pulp, and there are somehow seeds tangled in your hair.

Despite everything, I still want to kiss you.

I have a new flash fiction piece up! Carving (Kissing) was selected along with 9 other entries of poetry & flash fiction as part of The Bangor Literary Journal’s Halloween Ekphrastic Challenge.

The challenge was to write a mini piece of poetry or fiction inspired by the above image of carved pumpkins. I had 100 words maximum to play with for my flash fiction, and went in a gently romantic direction (no spooks here).

Interestingly, though, the romance could have gone with a more heartbreaking ending! The story was accidentally missing the very last sentence when it first went live- very much changing the tone, for me! A fellow writer used the phrase “twin fiction” to describe this effect, which I love. So, feel free to choose your own ending according to your preferences. Right now, I’d say I’m favouring the ending with the last sentence intact- I am a romantic, at heart (don’t tell anyone).

I hopefully have a few more things in the works before the end of the year (eek), so I should be back here soon with updates!

Ad Infinitum

But, I feel our words ripple across
the ages. I have heard your laugh lifetimes before. Your eyes have seen wonders.

Delighted to say I have a new piece of flash fiction out in L’Éphémère Review’s tenth issue: Sempiternal. Click here to read my piece Ad Infinitum and more pieces of beautiful poetry & fiction, all centred around the word sempiternal. 

Ad Infinitum I view as a romance piece, a little window into the idea that if soulmates exist, they’ve already met and will continue to meet in many different timelines, in many different ages.


I wanted to go back to the concepts that formed this journal from the very beginning—the passage of memory and time, narrative and myth, softness and savagery, happiness and pain, the very contradictions of life that make living the beautiful cacophony it is. The unrelenting voice that weaves through stories both old and newly spoken, both necessary and vital. A voice that exists at the intersection of what it means to love, to lose, and to live. Something eternal and unchanging. Something everlasting.

From A Letter From The Editor by Kanika Lawton, Editor-In-Chief

Pride in Time

“Don’t you know that’s gay?” her cousin says. His mouth is twisted in distaste, as if he has just eaten a lemon whole. She doesn’t understand.

Click here to read my latest flash fiction piece: Pride in Time. It’s now up on The Fearless Femme website, and I’m really excited to say that there’s also a stunning piece of art to go with it by @Ida_Henrich

The piece was written with Pride Month in mind, and shows a journey of self-acceptance & love.

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